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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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perkins. >> there is new informationorma tonight in the ambush shootinght that left one prince george's county firefighter t dead andig anotherht wounded. sources familiar with the investigation tell fox5 there are differing accounts about what happened at the home on sharon road in temple hills.temp two sources say the homeownerome did not fire shots through the door friday night and that thet firefighters were already in the home when he pulled the triggerg at least six times.ime it's also still not clear whatca type of protocol the firefighters followed as they approached and entered the home for a welfare check. those things aren't really ironed out in a l policy or a procedure right now because wee give a lot of leeway to our officers to make decisions in crisis situations. that's exactly what they did here. we'll probably give them a little more guidance to help those people make better informed decisions. > the homeowner was releaseele from custody without charges. a 19 year old
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firefighter was critically injured in the shooting.otin 13 year veteran john ulmschneider was friends and family are gatherine at thilys hour to say goodbye td the beloved firefighter. fox5's marina maracco is life in hollywood, maryland.ho >>reporter: ll tony, the line hi keeps growing by the minute. this just shows you and is testimony to how am people loved this 13 year veteran with the prince george's county fire toun department. he had just celebrated his and s verse i in march. you can take a look here at thi line. this is now part of the publicub visitation which started at 5t 5 this afternoon and will gogo through 8 this evening.even the line wraps well around thisn church and into the adjacent cemetery here at st. john's parish in hollywood, maryland. tomorrow funeral services expected also at this sameame church for john ulmschneider. maryland governor larry hogan expected to deliver the eulogy here. the
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firefighter will remain at the church overnight with constant vigil by members of princeembe george's county ems. you see in the far background of the church there's firen jinx 830 that was part of joust company and that will help escort out the casket to the private about your euille which will be only for family and friends for firefighter who wass known as skill pharmacokinetic.c today we spoke with his brother-in-law who tells us howh the family is handling this situation. i believe the motivation that he had to become a firefighter. i believe the family is doing as well as can be expected. we like to extend our most sincere gratitude towa
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ems department for all the support they've given. they'veรง truly been a beacon of strength for dawn.awn > and again that funeral and burial will be private and it is expected to begin here at st. john's in hollywood, maryland at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. life tonight here, marinaer maracco, fox5 local news. > the faa and the ntsb are investigating a deadly plainin crash in queen answer county.out the small plain went around down at around 1:00 p.m. both people on board were killed. the plane exploded into flamesnt after it hit the ground. there is no word yet on whathat caused the crash. fox5 is in the district now, ao, woman survived a frightening crash in northwest.orth it happened this morning on al mor moral oh street.r a woman was making a left-hand turn when she suddenly crashed and her car flipped over. she is expected to make a full recovery. > for t
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husband of a missing firefighter paramedic is speaking out andnd asking for your help. nicole mighten door hasn't been' seen for almost a week now tom fitzgerald starts off tonight sa with the emotional appeal frompa her husband. >>reporter: this is where nicole mighten door worked andan it's where her husband came today to put out an emotional appeal to this community. throughout that message he fought back tears thank peoplepe in this community and askingski them for tips sending out a message to his wife praying for her safe return.he as i close i have a message tose my wife, sweetheart, i love you. i am praying for you. i'm not sure where you are, but, know we are all looking for you. and i look forward to your safe return. tomorrow will be one week sincec nicole mighten door's familyfami last heard from herein side this fire station you will notice nicole's gear is still where shr left it.t. on saturday her
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hour and a half away at the shenandoah national park muchuch that is where virginia stateirgi police are still searching tonight. fairfax county fire chief called for a silent prayer for nicole's safe return today as he wasas surrounded by mighten door's co-workers and family members. virginia state police is steven mighten door thanked the 10,000 people and the facebook group. he shared what the past few days have been like for nicole's family and thanked everyone who was involved in this searchearc effort. your commitment is commendable and very much appreciated. to the media, thank you. thank you for helping spread the word about the disappearance off my steven mighten doris a first sergeant in the virginia stateig police and that agency tonightgc is asking anyone with information to call
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703-803-0026. that's 70-803-0026. 7 in fairfax county, virginia, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. > a violent arrest caught on cellphone video prompted the baltimore police to investigate. take a look. in itself video you can see anee officer dragging an 18 year old from the door bay way of his home saturday. police say they knocked on thekc front door after seeing an 18sei year old and another person gor into the back of the house.. the officers asked the teens if the homeowner was there. on the video you can hear the young man repeatedly saying theg live in the house and were not breaking in. police eventually arrested the young man in the green shirt for disorderly conduct. they later release him. > that comes on the one yearear arrest of
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he died a week later. he suffered a severe spinal injury from being thrown aroundt in the back of a police van. the tensions between police and baltimore city residents wasas thrust into the nation's spotlight. one year later the city is still trying to heal and make changes within the police department.e e one of the most critical presidential election primariesm is today and republicanepu presidential donald trump made r huge gasp that is not sitting well with some voters. it's very close to my hearty h because i was down there and ind watched our police and our firemen down on 7/eleven. while campaigning in buffalo, new york, last night height obviously mistakenninglymist mentioned 7/eleven instead ofof 9/11 when trying to make a poin about new york values. trump didn't even seem to notice the mistake and of course neverc corrected himself because he didn't notice that he had made that mistake. the unfortunatenfr remark came just hours before h new york's primary. trump's spokesperson said its what just a
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tongue. virginia has a brand new tool to detect any potential seek a virus out breaks.viru they are now able to test blood sample for the disease. previously all blood samplesamp were september to the diseasesi for test l with the backlog it took them nearly three weeks too get the results out. now it can only take days if a virginia resident has the virus. meantime there is growings pressure on congress to approve funding for seek a research.eek so far there have been no documented seek a infections from mosquitoes here in the us. > well, demonstrate scenes like this one are happening all over houston. the historic flooding and heavy rainfall is leaving people landed. unfortunately there is no relieve yet from the stubborn weather system that has immersed everything from cars and major highways and neighborhoods.eigh six people have died from the te dangerous waters in houston alln of them related to cars stuck in high water. in the meantime crews are outut rescuing dozens
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water fills their homes. we only packed an extra pair ofr clothes each of us. and my mom, she brought thehe important papers.t they worked hard for what they got. now they don't have nothing. at the end of the day, it's mother nature. it happens. > the red cross has set upup shelter for displaced residents and those needing assistance. > just incredible image. people floating in anything they can. >> it's horrible.le. it's the worst flooding they've seen in some of those areas in 10 to 15 years easily. whole foods is under fireunde tonight after a cake had a derogatory message on it. and crews to cuba from new yorkk sparked plenty of interest from travelers and now some controversy. >> no controversy about the weather. the only thing that may change h little bit is the temperaturehe tomorrow. we're going to take it down froo the ne
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degrees. no rain inside the clouds.loud that's a little bit of aof a problem, too.too. well we let you know when we have our next chance of rain in the forecast. > if you have a story idea call the fox five tip line, 202-895-3000. you can also e-mail your tips or suggestions to we'll be right back.
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when he went to pick up the cake, he claims a homophobic message was also written on wri icing on the cake. he is now suing for emotional distress. for
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because of being a pastor who is also openly gay i've had to deal with this in the pasts. > whole foods denies the den allegation and says it iss standing behind the bakery employee who is also a member of the lgbt community.omm members of a woman's book clubbk in atlanta won an $11 million discrimination lawsuit against a train company in napa valley. the women were kicked off the train in ultra after officials on the wine tasting tour said they were too loud. the women argued it was becausea of the color of their skin. all but one of them were black. the ceo of the train apologizedl and said they were
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wrong. carnival is postponing its historical voyage from us to cuba. itself it bans cuba citizens from returning to the island by see. fox's crystal clark spoke to ao group of americans who say they want change and they want it now. >>reporter: cuba is not just a new vacation spot. it was a place he once called home. i was born in cuba. i came over three days beforebeo the bay of pigs invasion. since making that gurney by boat he has never returned. we have always been very close to the principles of the united states. after all these years he's still fighting for fair treatment by the cuban government. last month canthal announced for the first time into 50 years i they are launching a voyage froy the us to cuba. but there is a
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when i show my passport i am anm american citizens. nobody should make distinctionke where you were born or whatr w color you are. several cuban americans filed a class action lawsuit against the crews line prompting them onn monday to delay the voyage until the policy is changed. they feel carnival's actions are not sincere. he and other cuban americans showed up at the port of tampaaa on monday with letters asking chief officers to reconsiderecon doing business with carnival inr the future. >> i don't think in this case carnival is the bad corporationp i don't think so. i think that they're trying toto do what's best for their organization. > but contact investigate oh says time will tell if the crews company is truly for the rightse of all citizens or simply ridind out the waves until tension dies down. >> should we deal with a company that becomes enforcer of cub and
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laws? > that was fox's crystal clark reporting. just ahead at 6, a solder who nearly died in helmet receivesei the helmet that safed his life. we were there for that ceremonye did you get fooled by this one today. dr. pepper fell victim to one of those internet locations. you know what i'm talking about. a facebook claimed the company sold its formula to coca-cola and was shutting down production. it was all a big joke. dr. pepper took to twitter andad reassured its fans that it iss here to stay.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. we're back now with a pretty n amazing story of a soldier whooi got a chance to reunite with the helmet that saved his life. today a special ceremony wasy w held to present the helmet to army staff sergeant thalamus lewis. he was joined by friends andrien family who found it hard to fight back tears as he told the story
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walked away there a violent attack in afghanistan. during the firefight one bullet hit lewis on the right side of the head. the only reason say he advised v was because his advanced combatt helmet absorbed the shot and diverted the bullet. the attack happened back inack october of 2012, but sergeantant lewis can remember the firefight like it was yesterday. once i saturday in the middle oo the road, i just laid i lifted my head up and i saw a lot of gunfire still going. some instinct told me for the meantime try to play like a possum and just be still and don't move until one of my leada vehicle also come. c i can say relief. i just been waiting so long to actually have it back in my possession. > when the sergeant was askednw what he plans to do with the
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belongs to me. she plans to place the black in her home where everyone can see it. > i understand that, mom. that's your baby. > you brought him into theht h world and that helped safe him. mom's prayers were understand ad. he came home alive. > hi, shawn and tony. >> how are you? i'm so great. life is easy in the weatherhe department this week. >> caitlyn and i are searching for the weather. we won't look too hard. h we are enjoy the break. definitely is a break from the cold, the frost warnings. war >> not a break from the pollen. >> anyone noticing that. yellow green issue sticky stuff, that's oak and i believe pine, probably a little bit of mable starting to come the tree count was high. everything else was low. if you notice a little bit of cloud cover and some haze out there it's actually a frontalct boundary thatuaath
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70, so about 14, 5 degrees cooler than it was today in most areas. thursday we'll see some clouds increasing in the afternoon. our temperature aroundnd 75-degrees. a really nice change as we are bringing in a little bit of early june temperature into our forecast. our temperature has dropped to 76-degrees here in the district you can see gaithersburg,aith frederck
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as we look the at temperatureste going forward, it looks like the next several hours will see a slow desent. by 9 # p.m. we're about 66-degrees. by # 1, 61. it's not going to be all that cold, but it certainly bee comfortable. you can see the colder air that is going to slide in from the north. eventually we're going to see t our temperatures droppingmper through the overnight hours, but it won't be cold. we're also going to notice the t winds getting a little bit less gusty which they have been doing up and over 25 miles an hour today, contributing to this, a red flag warning that is in effect until 8:00 tonight. it means through the strong winds and the lack of rain overn the several weeks that the risk of a brush fire spreading and being harder to contain is up until 8:00 or so. i'll get we get another one o tomorrow. do be aware of that. i wanted to also mention then ho
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lot better down there. the waters continue to rice. we had a story on that just a t little bit ago. six fatalities, everyone of them in a vehicle trying to drive through flooded highways. the worst they've seen since 2001. we've had some clouds passing through, but not a p drop of rain and there won't be anyany tomorrow. the system that produced the rain in houston is going to pass well to our north and west. our clouds will decrease overnight and we'll have a cool night and clear skies. sk overnight mid 40s and even lowow 40s. and that means a l cooler startc in the morning, but we're stille going to have a pretty fantastin day, getting to about 70-degrees. yes, we'll leave the 80s behind for a little while, but we have a run of 730s all this week. we might have some rain, though, on friday. i have to say we really need it, though.ou i'd rather not have it on friday, because we have our fox5 rocks on frid
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dry, sunny again andagai temperatures are really on a role. feeling good. > thank you, sue. we'll be right back.
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well, he is best known for beine a who the head and sometimes a foul mouthed chef. after an l year old with a gastrointestinal girl sent him this letter. le abigail dreams of becoming aing chef one day herself. she taped herself reading an emotional letter to ramsey. she asked h him if he could make her something really good to eat since her mom is just an okay o cook. i'm sure mom was happy to hear that. after ramsey watched the video he then responded and tw
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abigail's mother and asked her to reach out to him. that is very sweat. we don't know yet if he's reached out yet. she's reach out. >> probably going to give her a good recipe. r > that's our show for tonight. thank so much for joining us. stick around, tmz is next. see you at 10. goodbye.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: rob kardashian not only talks, he is likable. >> how much weight have you lost up to date? >> i don't know. i'm just happy. >> he's a nice, normal dude. he said he lost 40, 50 pounds but it's not the number. i said drop the hood, rob. give us a peek. >> taylor swift in an interview with "vogue" magazine and they asked her at the end what would you tell your 19-year-old self. >> you're going to date just like a 20 something should be allowed to but you're going to be a national lightning round for slut shaming. >> i don't think she was slut shamed at all. >> she got away with being a slut. >> so you're slut shaming her now. >> future at l.a.x. you were just named one of the most stylish men alive. dreads up, red track suit, white backpack. harvey: how is the red track suit?


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